Should You Get Travel Insurance Before Going to Europe?

With many Americans searching out European vacations, many people wonder what kind of insurance is necessary before traveling to a foreign country. Europe is a huge continent, and you want to make sure that you have protection no matter where you go.

Do you want to make the most of your trip and ensure that you have all the resources you need? Giles & Iten Insurance, which serves Surprise, AZ, understands your concerns. Here’s why you should consider buying travel insurance before a European vacation.

Travel Insurance Allows You to Cancel Your Trip

If something happens that should prompt you to cancel your trip, you may be able to recover some of the costs with a travel insurance policy. Trip cancellation is common after sickness, the death of a loved one, or a recent natural disaster. With travel insurance, you simply have more flexibility with your plans.

Travel Insurance Allows You to Delay Your Trip

If, for some reason, you need to delay your trip home, perhaps due to bad weather or an airline issue, you may need to cover the costs of hotels and meals during the remainder of your stay. Each policy kicks in at a different time period, so it is important to read policy documents.

Travel Insurance Allows for Trip Interruptions

Your trip may be interrupted due to an emergency at home or sickness. Travel insurance may provide assistance with some of the changes you have to make to your schedule, which could include new travel tickets and hotel fees.

Travel Insurance Can Help With Personal Belongings

Your personal belongings that you travel with could become lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Many policies offer help with these types of expenses.

Travel Insurance Is Recommended

While you do not need travel insurance to visit Europe, it is recommended that you do have it. It can provide protection for many expenses you could face. If you still have questions, Giles & Iten Insurance serving Surprise, AZ can help you find a good policy.

Mexican Insurance FAQs

If you are crossing to Mexico with a car, you may need to know a thing or two about Mexican insurance. Luckily, Giles & Iten Insurance of Surprise, AZ, got you covered when it comes to insurance matters. We offer numerous insurance coverages, ranging from auto, commercial, home, life, boat, and RV insurance. But today, we are answering questions you might have about Mexican insurance. 

Why do I need Mexico auto insurance?

When driving your vehicle on highways and other public roads, you are required to have at least liability insurance issued by a Mexican Insurance Company. Mexico doesn’t recognize foreign auto coverages, so your US car insurance may not protect you when you are involved in an accident in Mexico. 

Must I buy Mexico Insurance even if my domestic auto insurance has a Mexico endorsement?

Many insurance agents bordering Mexico offer a Mexico endorsement that covers you within certain miles from the border. But remember, this coverage is limited to the number of times you enter Mexico. Plus, it covers physical damage to your vehicle but not third-party claims. 

So, even if you have a Mexico endorsement, you should add third-party coverage that conforms to the authorities’ requirements. And one more thing — you need to buy Mexican insurance before entering Mexico.

Can a Mexican national drive my car? Will the policy cover them?

It’s a definite no. Mexicans are not legally required to drive a foreign-registered vehicle. And because it’s not legal, then it’s an exclusion for your Mexican insurance. 

How can I buy Mexican insurance?

Buying Mexican insurance is easy with Giles & Iten Insurance based in Surprise, AZ. After providing us with a few details, you will be on your way driving to Mexico. Please visit our website page today to get started.  

Advantages of Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are not only fun to drive, show and collect, but they are also a great investment. Some people collect as a hobby to preserve history, while others just love the luxury they bring. Whichever reason motivates you to have a classic car, you should consider insuring it. At Giles & Iten Insurance serving Surprise, AZ, we understand how important a classic car is, and so we have outlined some of the advantages you can enjoy by insuring your classic car.

Protects the Value of Your Car

Usually, the average car will lose value with time once bought. However, a classic car either maintains its value or increases with time. When you insure your vehicle, you get into an agreed-upon value of the car with the insurance company. Therefore, if the car gets totaled, the insurance company will give you the amount you agreed upon, hence protecting your car’s value.

It is Affordable

Most of the time, classic car owners are cautious on the road. In addition, the car is used once in a while as it is not the car for your daily errands or commute. That is why classic car insurance is affordable if you compare it to buying coverage for a new car.

Liability Coverage

Another advantage of classic car insurance is that it offers you liability coverage. Driving a classic car does not mean you might not get into an accident. Just like with new cars, this coverage is significant.  When you get into an accident where you are at fault, liability coverage will help cater for things like medical expenses for the injured party.

If you live in Surprise, AZ, and want to learn more about classic car insurance, you can reach Giles & Iten Insurance. We will ensure you enjoy the above advantages and much more through insuring your car.

Add-Ons for RV Insurance in Arizona

Arizona is a state that loves its RV lifestyles, whether you are full-timers or just love the open roads on your time off in life. When you have your own RV, you will want to have RV insurance that meets your every need.

At Giles & Iten Insurance, we want Surprise, AZ residents to feel protected when they are on their road trip adventures. We know that you are excited about this time, and we don’t want you worrying about it any more than you have to. 

Bodily injury and property damage are basic minimums for RV insurance. There are a number of things you can add-on to your Arizona RV insurance so that you have the most coverage that you need.

Liability Coverage

This coverage on RV insurance will protect you in the event that you are in an accident on the road. This will pay for damages of other drivers or people that are involved. It could cover property damage, medical, and court costs for you.

This could also be used in the event that someone that doesn’t live there has an accident in your RV.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

These coverages are often added to policies as the next level of coverage after minimum requirements. Comprehensive insurance and collision insurance will protect you from losses to your property. Collision coverage is an add-on protection that comes after you’ve been in an accident and protects you from property damage.

Comprehensive coverage will also cover you for losses and damages that are caused by something other than collision. That could include fire, theft, vandalism, or a natural weather act which is defined by the policy.

Get a Quote

There are a number of other add-ons that you can get with RV insurance in Arizona. At Giles & Iten Insurance, we help Surprise, AZ residents design the best RV insurance policy for their lifestyles. Call us for a quote today.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage to supplement your basic policies. It’s often called catastrophic insurance. If you have a claim that exceeds your standard policy limits, umbrella insurance will cover the difference. At Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ, we offer umbrella insurance in addition to standard policies. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of personal liability insurance. It’s usually sold in increments of $1 million dollars up to $5-10 million. The policy typically covers everyone in your household. 

Examples of Umbrella Insurance Claims

One example of an umbrella claim is a car accident involving several other vehicles. You are found liable, and the costs of the accident exceed your auto policy coverage limits. The umbrella policy would pay what your auto policy doesn’t cover. 

Another example is your child getting into a fight at school and injuring the other child. Her parents sue you for medical expenses and potentially pain and suffering. This wouldn’t be covered under your standard auto or home policy, but it would be covered under an umbrella policy. 

Umbrella Insurance Isn’t Only for the Wealthy

Umbrella insurance may seem unnecessary if you don’t have $1 million in assets. However, if you are sued, you could lose more than your current possessions. Your assets could be seized and your future wages could be garnished. Umbrella insurance can help prevent a financial catastrophe that would be difficult to recover from. 

Umbrella Insurance Requirements

Umbrella policies require you to have homeowner’s and auto insurance policies. The coverage limits required will vary based on the insurer. You must meet the minimum requirements for coverage limits for your home and auto policies to purchase umbrella insurance because umbrella insurance only pays when you reach the coverage limits on your primary policy. 

Umbrella Insurance at Giles & Iten Insurance

In today’s world, it makes sense to have an umbrella policy. Liability claims can easily exceed coverage limits, leaving you to pay the difference out of pocket. If you are looking for umbrella insurance in Surprise, AZ, contact Giles & Iten Insurance today. 

Do I need to get life insurance?

In the Surprise, AZ area, there are going to be several types of insurance coverage that the typical person will need to have. One important form of coverage that many people should consider getting is life insurance. There are a few reasons why the average person in this area of Arizona will need to have a life insurance plan.

Coverage Protects Dependents

A common reason that anyone will want to have life insurance is that it can protect their dependents. If you have people that you support, you will want to ensure they are cared for financially even if you were to pass away. With life insurance, you are going to get the protection you need. You can build a plan that will provide a financial insurance benefit that will be sufficient to cover their living costs and other expenses you want to be included.

Coverage Can Provide Investment Advantages

You should also consider getting a life insurance plan due to the investment benefits that they can provide. With a whole life insurance plan, you can receive the advantages of life insurance coverage while also enjoying a low-risk investment alternative. With this protection, some of your monthly payments will build into an account and provide interest income to you along the way. 

Picking a life insurance plan is never easy. As there are different options and many factors to consider, those in Surprise, AZ should call Giles & Iten Insurance when they are looking for a new insurance plan. Giles & Iten Insurance understands the different options that you have and can give the support you need to build and choose a new plan. If you do call them, you can learn more about the different options and choose an insurance plan that will work for you. 

Who needs to get auto insurance in Arizona?

The Surprise, AZ area can be a very fun place to live in. If you enjoy warm weather, there will always be a lot to do outside. To ensure that you can enjoy the area as much as possible, getting your own car is a good idea. Along with a car, people need to get auto insurance for several reasons. 

Those that Want to Drive

The first situation when someone will need auto insurance in Arizona is when they want to drive. All vehicle drivers in this state are required to carry liability insurance whenever they are on the road. This rule essentially all people on the road at all times as it ensures that the other party in an accident can pay for damages. If you do not have this coverage, you could be facing serious penalization. 

Those that Take Out a Loan

You will also need to get an auto insurance plan if you intend to take out an auto loan. As cars can be quite expensive, taking out a loan to finance the purchase is often necessary. If you have decided to take out a loan to buy the car, you will have insurance rules that need to be followed. To protect their collateral, most lenders will require that you get collision and comprehensive coverage.

If you want to get an auto insurance plan when you are in the Surprise, AZ area, calling Giles & Iten Insurance can be a good option. The insurance team that is with Giles & Iten Insurance understands the value that comes with this insurance coverage. They can help you assess your policy needs and build a plan that will protect your vehicle and ensure that you are in compliance with our insurance obligations. 

How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Business

Your business is undoubtedly very important to you. One of the best ways to protect it is through a commercial insurance policy you can rely on. When you work with Giles & Iten Insurance, your Surprise, AZ area company can have the level of protection you’re looking for so you can enjoy more peace of mind. You don’t have to settle for less than you want when it comes to the level of coverage your business really deserves. Our dedicated and trusted agents can help you with a policy that’s going to give you security so you can get back to operating your company.

Having a commercial policy protects your business by making sure you have protection if something should go wrong. That could be a natural or man-made disaster, as well as an issue with a customer or an employee. No matter what types of concerns your business faces, knowing you’re covered can really add to your level of comfort. But in order to have that information, you need to work with knowledgeable agents who can provide the insight you want and the policy you actually need. Then you can make coverage choices you feel good about.

Reach out to Giles & Iten Insurance today and let’s talk about your commercial insurance needs. If you have a business in the Surprise, AZ area, you’ll be able to get the type of policy you’re looking for and see what specific choices you have. Depending on the type and size of your business, you may need more or less coverage than you would typically expect. Either way, it’s important to work with a company that can provide you with answers to your questions and a policy you can rely on in the event that a problem should occur.

How often should I review my home insurance

Most types of insurance are not fixed at one amount. They are designed to be flexible and to grow and change as your needs grow and change. Home insurance is no exception. It needs to be reviewed. How often will depend on a few different things? When you feel the need to review your home insurance, Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ will be there to help you. For insurance with a personal touch, we are exactly what you need. We strive to match our customers with the right policy at the best price. 

When you get your home insurance renewal it comes with a declaration page. Start your review there. Look at the amount of coverage. Does it make sense? Especially look at your liability coverage. Would it cover any potential legal action against you? Check out the deductible and all the other numbers. Before you renew your policy, discuss all the figures with your local independent insurance agent. Let them know if anything has changed since you took out the policy. 

If you have made a major upgrade to your property, the replacement value may have significantly increased. Things like a new kitchen, adding a bathroom, finishing the basement or attic, or adding an extension will all affect the replacement value of your home. 

Have you added any expensive content? Received an expensive piece of jewelry or art? Purchased antiques or oriental rugs? Any of these may exceed the content coverage you currently have. 

Have you added any safety equipment to your home? A home security system, smoke detectors, or carbon monoxide detectors? Have you replaced your roof? You may be eligible for a discount if you have done one or more of these things. 

When you are ready to review your home policy give Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ a call. We will be happy to look things over for you. 

Auto insurance add ons that are worth considering

Most states require all automobiles driving in their state to be covered by at least basic liability insurance. Arizona has the same requirement with the minimum to comply being 25/50/15. This protects other drivers and vehicles in an auto accident. All other coverage is optional unless you have a lease or a loan and then you may be required to carry collision and comprehensive. At Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ, we have years of insurance experience and we look forward to helping you with all your insurance needs. 

Collision coverage protects your car when you have an accident where you’re at fault. If you count on your car for regular daily activities this is important coverage to add to your basic policy. 

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from hazards beyond your control like a hail storm, flood, lightning, theft, fire, and vandalism. It is handy to have if you happen to run into a deer or other large animal. 

Full glass coverage is something most vehicle owners can benefit from. It covers the replacement of your windshield as well as other glass on your vehicle with no deductible. It is great when you have a damaged windshield to be able to call and get it repaired usually very quickly and even in your own driveway. 

Roadside assistance and towing are two add-ons usually sold together. If you have a breakdown or an accident you could be stuck on the roadside with no way to get to a service station or auto dealership. You may belong to an auto club and this provides the same service but usually at a lower rate. No one turns down savings. 

Contact Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ with any questions you have about auto insurance. We are a full-service independent agency.