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Arizona Classic Car Insurance coverage
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Classic Car Insurance in Arizona

Why You Need Classic Car Insurance in Arizona?

Classic cars need a different type of insurance because, unlike regular cars, they can appreciate in value over time instead of depreciating.

What You Should Know about Classic Car Insurance in Arizona

You may find that classic car insurance is typically cheaper than insuring a regular car, even though it carries a higher replacement cost. This is due to the fact that classic cars spend more time in garages than they do on the road. Depending on the designation for your classic car, you may only be driving at certain club car events, special occasions, or parades. Your car will likely have to qualify in order to get classic car insurance.

A classic car is a vehicle that is 10 to 24 years old and has historical interest, such as a muscle car. An antique car is 25 years old or older. If a classic car is more than 25 years old, then it would be considered an antique car just for insurance purposes. An agent at Giles & Iten Insurance can help you determine if your car fits into these categories. It also needs to meet the conditions of limited use, which means that it should be driven on a limited basis. The car will generally need to be restored and preserved in the original condition or undergoing restoration. It’s possible that insurance can be denied if the vehicle isn't in good condition. Storage is vital for classic car insurance, and the vehicle needs to be stored in an enclosed building.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Classic car insurance policies in Surprise, AZ and throughout the state will usually cover a combination of liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Policies will often have a guaranteed value, and there are tools used to determine the vehicle's real value. You can agree upon this value with your insurance agent. Other coverage can include medical reimbursement for auto shows or spare parts coverage.

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