How will commercial insurance protect my business?

Owning a business comes with risks, regardless of the industry you operate. As a business owner, your main goal is to suppress these risks that may interfere with the success of your business. One sure way of achieving this goal is investing in commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is that safety net that protects you financially against unfortunate occurrences like vandalism and fire.

To that end, procuring commercial insurance for your business is a worthwhile decision. At Giles & Iten Insurance, we are committed to helping our clients get the right insurance that suits their needs. If you are in Surprise, AZ, here is why you should invest in commercial insurance.

Protects your assets

If you are a business owner, you must value your assets like equipment or furniture. One unthinkable event could destroy all your assets. But commercial insurance offers the required coverage that replaces your assets.

Protects your employees

An ailment or work injury from a worker can cause a substantial financial constraint to your business. Luckily workers’ comp insurance covers such incidences, protecting your finances. 

Offers liability protection

Your customers could get injured at your workplace or maybe get sued due to a product or service defect. Legal fees don’t come cheap. That’s why commercial insurance is crucial for everyone in business, regardless of the industry.

Protects the image of the company

Most people are more likely to associate with a business that has insurance than those without one. They want to be sure of compensation in case of an unfortunate event. Commercial insurance gives you that added advantage when pitching for business. 

The law requires it

Most states, including Michigan, require that every business with employees invest in some aspects of commercial insurance. Operating without the state-required business insurance could lead to hefty fines that could damage your finances.

Commercial insurance near me

Commercial insurance is a no–brainer for every business owner. Make sure you get the right insurance to be well protected. If you are in Surprise, AZ, and its environs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Giles & Iten Insurance for an affordable quote.