Seeking Medical Care Abroad: What You Need to Know

Getting sick while you’re traveling can be challenging. You may struggle to speak the local language or be unsure of where to go to receive medical care. At Giles & Iten Insurance, serving Surprise, AZ, our team is proud to provide you with the travel insurance that you need to rest assured that you’ll be taken care of if something goes wrong when you’re traveling. 

Get Travel Insurance

Holding a travel insurance policy is key to helping you get the care that you need when you get sick abroad. This can help to cover pricey treatments that may not be covered by your health insurance when you’re out of the country. 

Familiarize Yourself with Local Emergency Numbers

Whether you’re sick or not, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to get ahold of a healthcare professional in an emergency. In most areas, a number is equivalent to the 911 system in the U.S. 

Call the Embassy

If you’re traveling and are dealing with a medical condition that a trip to the pharmacy can’t help, it’s wise to reach out to your home country’s embassy for help. They’ll be able to connect you with a local hospital or doctor who can treat your condition. 

Giles & Iten Insurance: Proud to Serve Surprise, AZ

At Giles & Iten Insurance, we help you prepare for the unexpected when you travel. Reach out to us or stop by today to learn how we can help you stay safe whether you’re traveling stateside or abroad. 

Make sure your next trip comes with the protection you need!

Giles & Iten Insurance offers all types of insurance to the greater Surprise, AZ community. One of the most impactful for frequent or occasional travelers is trip protection insurance. Don’t forget to add this vital item to your packing list!

Don’t forget trip protection insurance for your next vacation

Traveling in today’s world can be fraught with stress. There seem to be many more flight cancelations than ever before, and disruptions during a trip are becoming the norm. If you have a major vacation coming up, it’s time to look into travel insurance.

With a travel insurance policy, you can be protected from some financial loss due to canceled connecting flights, lost baggage, illness, and more. Several different policies are available, each with a different amount of protection. Choosing a policy that will protect your trip from unexpected disruption is becoming increasingly popular.

Another available feature is one that reimburses you for any deposits or other financial outlays that are not refunded if you have to cancel your travel plans. Be sure to take a close look at the protection that the policies offer, as their levels of coverage, as well as events that are included in the policy, can vary quite a bit. Don’t let a canceled flight ruin your vacation. Buy travel insurance today. 

You can count on us!

If you live in Surprise, AZ, or the surrounding area, you can turn to the team at Giles & Iten Insurance for all your insurance needs. No matter the type of coverage, we are here to help! Call or stop by the office to learn more about how a trip insurance policy can help protect your next vacation.

Should You Get Travel Insurance Before Going to Europe?

With many Americans searching out European vacations, many people wonder what kind of insurance is necessary before traveling to a foreign country. Europe is a huge continent, and you want to make sure that you have protection no matter where you go.

Do you want to make the most of your trip and ensure that you have all the resources you need? Giles & Iten Insurance, which serves Surprise, AZ, understands your concerns. Here’s why you should consider buying travel insurance before a European vacation.

Travel Insurance Allows You to Cancel Your Trip

If something happens that should prompt you to cancel your trip, you may be able to recover some of the costs with a travel insurance policy. Trip cancellation is common after sickness, the death of a loved one, or a recent natural disaster. With travel insurance, you simply have more flexibility with your plans.

Travel Insurance Allows You to Delay Your Trip

If, for some reason, you need to delay your trip home, perhaps due to bad weather or an airline issue, you may need to cover the costs of hotels and meals during the remainder of your stay. Each policy kicks in at a different time period, so it is important to read policy documents.

Travel Insurance Allows for Trip Interruptions

Your trip may be interrupted due to an emergency at home or sickness. Travel insurance may provide assistance with some of the changes you have to make to your schedule, which could include new travel tickets and hotel fees.

Travel Insurance Can Help With Personal Belongings

Your personal belongings that you travel with could become lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Many policies offer help with these types of expenses.

Travel Insurance Is Recommended

While you do not need travel insurance to visit Europe, it is recommended that you do have it. It can provide protection for many expenses you could face. If you still have questions, Giles & Iten Insurance serving Surprise, AZ can help you find a good policy.

Do I need travel insurance and how much should I buy?

Travelling comes with a lot of planning and expenses. From airfare to hotels and rental cars, it is easy to forget some essential things like travel insurance. Imagine you or a member of your family get seriously injured in an unknown area around Surprise, AZ. It is obvious that emergency medical treatment could be more expensive as it varies from one place to another. That is why at Giles & Iten Insurance, we recommend buying travel insurance to extend a layer of protection wherever you go.

When should I buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not mandatory in Utah. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. Expensive and lengthy trips may require you to purchase insurance, especially when it comes to non-refundable services and products. That means small distance travels like visiting your grandmother up the hill does not need insurance. Travel insurance is pretty flexible and easy to navigate. The comprehensive package even comes with ‘ cancel for any reason’ coverage. This helps you safeguard your finances in case you want to cancel your trip.

What type of travel insurance can you buy?

Travel insurance is a versatile policy that comes with a wide range of policies to choose from. However, it is always prudent to know your needs before picking any type of travel insurance. You will want to consider factors such as:

  • Where you’re going
  • The kind of trip you will be taking
  • The duration of the trip
  • Your age and medical condition
  • The sort of activities you will take part in your trip 
  • The people going with you

Whether it is a straightforward trip or a tour that is full of unknowns, there will always be a policy designed to fit your needs. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant, be sure to check whether your condition is covered before you buy it. You may need to buy a separate policy to cater to these needs.

For more information about travel insurance in Surprise, AZ, talk to our insurance experts at Giles & Iten Insurance today.

Tips for buying travel insurance

When booking a holiday, it is tempting to skip the travel insurance policy and spend that extra cash on your vacation. However, travel insurance is critical to make sure you are not out additional expenses when something goes wrong on your trip. If you live in the Surprise, AZ area and are interested in travel insurance for your upcoming trip, reach out to an agent at Giles & Iten Insurance today. 

Get the dates right 

Make sure you are covered for the whole trip. Putting the wrong dates down is an easy mistake, but it is one that can be costly. If you put in the wrong dates and are on your trip one day over your policy term, you would not be covered. Be sure to take into account time changes when you are flying to ensure you have full coverage. 

Make sure all of your locations are covered

If you are visiting more than one location, it is essential to make sure each country is covered under the policy. Some areas might be excluded or have limitations, so be sure to check with your agent.

Declare your pre-existing medical conditions 

Informing your insurance provided of any pre-existing medical conditions is critical to make sure you are covered for any medical care you seek while traveling. Most insurance providers have a list of conditions that will be automatically covered; however, there are some conditions that you make need to pay extra for coverage. 

Are you planning high-risk activities? 

If you are going on an adventurous trip, you will want to confirm with your insurer to make sure all of your activities are covered. Insurers often exclude what are considered high-risk activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, or even horseback riding. If you are doing anything out of the norm, it is best to double-check with your insurer. 

If you would like to learn more about travel insurance for your trip, reach out to an agent at  Giles & Iten Insurance today. We proudly serve the Surprise, AZ area.