How Much RV Insurance is Adequate?

So you’ve purchased an RV. You’re probably very proud of your purchase because now you can travel anywhere and avoid paying lodging costs while keeping your dining costs to a minimum. Now that you’ve purchased your RV before you head out on your first trip, you need to consider what type of insurance you should get. How much RV insurance is adequate? Here is an overview that can help you make this determination so you’ll have ample coverage for your new "hotel on wheels." 

What’s the Value of Your RV?

The first step to purchasing the proper recreational vehicle insurance is to determine its value. To be as accurate as possible, it’s best to have your RV appraised by a professional. Once the value has been adequately determined, you can then share this paperwork with your insurance company to assist them with providing you with an accurate quote. 

Are You Making Payments on Your RV?

While comprehensive or collision coverage isn’t required, even if you’re making payments on your RV, if you’re traveling regularly using it, you should certainly consider more than just the minimum coverage. Since accidents, vandalism, weather, and other events can’t be predicted, it’s better to be safe than sorry when adding collision and comprehensive insurance to your policy. When you’re on the road, you want to relax and enjoy being on vacation, not constantly worrying about any damage your RV could incur. 

Like your car or truck, you need reliable insurance coverage for your RV before you head out on the road. Giles & Iten Insurance would happily have you as a customer if you’re looking for a new insurance agent. Serving the Surprise, AZ area, Giles & Iten has knowledgeable and helpful professional agents who are eager to answer all your questions and provide you with a quote.