Top Three Risks For Teen Drivers

Putting your teen on the road to drive can be a nerve-racking experience. Here at Giles & Iten Insurance, we want to help parents in Suprise, AZ, and the surrounding areas learn better ways to prepare their teens for driving. Keep reading to learn more about the top three risks for teen drivers. 

Texting and Driving

Although you have probably heard this a million times, texting and driving is still one of the top risks for teens. Teens struggle to understand how distracting texting or using a phone while driving can be. It is essential that you keep a running dialogue going with your teen concerning this danger. 

Distracted Driving

Although texting is a considerable risk, it is not the only way your teen might get distracted while driving. Having other teens in the vehicle can also be a huge distraction. It is important that you enforce smart rules concerning who can be in the vehicle with your teen while they are still becoming confident drivers. 


Teens are almost hardwired to push limits, including the speed limit. It would be best to have hard and fast consequences for speeding violations. Getting a ticket may not be enough to deter your teen from speeding effectively. Make sure that consequences are fair and meaningful. 

Substance Use 

Although not as common as some of the risks mentioned above, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can also be a huge risk for teen drivers. Be sure your teen understands the immediate and long-term consequences of these actions. 

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