Get a Car Insurance Quote Before Making Your Next New Car Purchase

Many consumers often overlook the cost of insurance when purchasing a new car. With vehicle prices rising, this aspect needs serious consideration. Here at Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ, we firmly believe understanding your total costs before making a buying decision is the most effective strategy to prevent unwanted surprises.

How to Get a Quote Prior to Making That Purchase

Once you’ve identified a potential vehicle, give us a call. If possible, provide the VIN and explain to our agent that you’re contemplating buying a new car. Once you’ve got a quote, you can be fully educated about the total cost of owning your desired vehicle, allowing for a more informed decision.

Car Shopping Should Be Fun, Not Stressful

Perusing various models, vehicle types, and the latest automotive technology should be exhilarating and enjoyable. The last thing you want is for your excitement to drop off a cliff when you realize your budget cannot support the vehicle’s combined costs and insurance. The trick is to do some due diligence before making a purchase.

Know What It’ll Cost to Insure Before You Buy

Don’t finalize your decision on a new car before considering the cost of insuring it. For a risk-free quote, reach out to our team at Giles & Iten. We’re here to help you avoid the shock of high insurance costs on your shiny new car. Contact us and get the quote you need precisely when you need it.

The Impact of Traffic Patterns on Auto Insurance Rates in Surprise, AZ

In the cityscape of Surprise, AZ, where traffic patterns shape daily life, auto insurance rates follow a distinct rhythm. At Giles & Iten Insurance, we understand how traffic impacts your premiums.

The flow of traffic, coupled with accident frequency, weaves into the fabric of auto insurance pricing. Areas with high traffic volumes often face increased accident risks, influencing insurance costs for drivers. In Surprise, AZ, understanding local traffic patterns can provide insights into the factors shaping insurance rates.

As your local insurance experts, we stay attuned to the cadence of Surprise, AZ, ensuring our clients receive tailored insurance experiences. Navigating the twists and turns of traffic dynamics, our mission is to offer insurance solutions that align with your needs and the local scene.

For a deeper understanding of how traffic intricacies may affect your auto insurance rates or to explore insurance options in Surprise, AZ, connect with Giles & Iten Insurance. Our team is ready to offer expertise, counsel, and personalized insurance solutions, ensuring you have coverage tuned to your requirements. Let us be your partners in securing insurance that aligns with the vibes of Surprise, AZ.

Navigating the city’s thoroughfares can be a complex choreography, and understanding how this dance influences your insurance rates is crucial. At Giles & Iten Insurance, we go beyond the surface to provide insights and solutions tailored to the specific intricacies of Surprise, AZ. Our commitment is to offer insurance coverage and empower you with the knowledge to navigate the roads confidently, knowing you have a reliable partner in Giles & Iten Insurance.

Top Three Risks For Teen Drivers

Putting your teen on the road to drive can be a nerve-racking experience. Here at Giles & Iten Insurance, we want to help parents in Suprise, AZ, and the surrounding areas learn better ways to prepare their teens for driving. Keep reading to learn more about the top three risks for teen drivers. 

Texting and Driving

Although you have probably heard this a million times, texting and driving is still one of the top risks for teens. Teens struggle to understand how distracting texting or using a phone while driving can be. It is essential that you keep a running dialogue going with your teen concerning this danger. 

Distracted Driving

Although texting is a considerable risk, it is not the only way your teen might get distracted while driving. Having other teens in the vehicle can also be a huge distraction. It is important that you enforce smart rules concerning who can be in the vehicle with your teen while they are still becoming confident drivers. 


Teens are almost hardwired to push limits, including the speed limit. It would be best to have hard and fast consequences for speeding violations. Getting a ticket may not be enough to deter your teen from speeding effectively. Make sure that consequences are fair and meaningful. 

Substance Use 

Although not as common as some of the risks mentioned above, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can also be a huge risk for teen drivers. Be sure your teen understands the immediate and long-term consequences of these actions. 

If you would like to learn about auto insurance, please get in touch with us at Giles & Iten Insurance, serving Surprise, AZ, and the surrounding areas. 

How to prepare your car for winter

Once you have taken care of all the big maintenance tasks, there are smaller things to consider when prepping your car for winter. Here are a few tips from Giles & Iten Insurance to make sure you are ready for the winter weather:

  • Ensuring your tires are correctly inflated is essential, as this can significantly improve traction and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Tire treads should be checked frequently to ensure they meet safety standards; winter conditions require more grip than summer.
  • You should also inspect your windshield wipers and replace them if necessary – during the winter, road grime and rain will put extra strain on these vital components.
  • Finally, check that all lights are working so you remain visible on the roads at night or during poor weather conditions. If any of your bulbs need replacing, now is a great time to do it!

Having your car ready for winter keeps you safe and increases your vehicle’s longevity. Taking a few extra steps can ensure you remain safe and warm on the roads throughout the season. By taking care of these small tasks and the larger maintenance jobs, you can be confident that your car is prepared for whatever winter throws at it! Investing just a bit of time now will save you time, money, and hassle down the line. So check those items off your list before colder weather arrives! 

For more auto insurance, call us at Giles & Iten Insurance today. We proudly serve the Surprise, AZ area. 

4 FAQ about auto insurance in Surprise, AZ

Auto insurance isn’t a luxury. It’s the law.

Arizona drivers are subject to specific auto insurance requirements like most other states. Giles & Iten Insurance knows keeping up with these mandates can be confusing. Luckily, their agents can help.

Serving Suprise, AZ, Giles & Iten Insurance answers four frequently asked questions about auto insurance.

What auto insurance is required?

Described by statute as "mandatory insurance," Arizona requires liability coverage. This includes $25,000 of bodily injury liability for any one person and a total of $50,000 for two or more people. The state also mandates a minimum of $15,000 in property damage liability.

How is Arizona’s auto insurance law unique?

Arizona offers a couple of distinctions that aren’t very common. First, it is a comparative negligence state. This means that "fault" can be split between multiple drivers based on a percentage of responsibility. Additionally, Arizona is also a diminished value state. This allows drivers to make claims to recoup losses based on reduced re-sale value resulting from a collision.

What are the penalties for driving uninsured?

Motorists who drive unlawfully are subject to penalties. These are based on the number of offenses but often include steep fines and suspension of driving privileges. The cost of auto insurance will also increase in the future.

What options can I add to my policy?

Minimum auto insurance is rarely enough. Although Arizona drivers can opt out of underinsured/uninsured protection, these are encouraged. This shields you in the event of an accident with a driver who lacks proper insurance. Collision, comprehensive, and medical payment coverage are also recommended.

Contact an agent serving Surprise, AZ

Giles & Iten Insurance provides more than just answers. Their experienced agents can find a policy that keeps you safe and secure on the roadways. Schedule an appointment today.

Who needs to get auto insurance in Arizona?

The Surprise, AZ area can be a very fun place to live in. If you enjoy warm weather, there will always be a lot to do outside. To ensure that you can enjoy the area as much as possible, getting your own car is a good idea. Along with a car, people need to get auto insurance for several reasons. 

Those that Want to Drive

The first situation when someone will need auto insurance in Arizona is when they want to drive. All vehicle drivers in this state are required to carry liability insurance whenever they are on the road. This rule essentially all people on the road at all times as it ensures that the other party in an accident can pay for damages. If you do not have this coverage, you could be facing serious penalization. 

Those that Take Out a Loan

You will also need to get an auto insurance plan if you intend to take out an auto loan. As cars can be quite expensive, taking out a loan to finance the purchase is often necessary. If you have decided to take out a loan to buy the car, you will have insurance rules that need to be followed. To protect their collateral, most lenders will require that you get collision and comprehensive coverage.

If you want to get an auto insurance plan when you are in the Surprise, AZ area, calling Giles & Iten Insurance can be a good option. The insurance team that is with Giles & Iten Insurance understands the value that comes with this insurance coverage. They can help you assess your policy needs and build a plan that will protect your vehicle and ensure that you are in compliance with our insurance obligations. 

Auto insurance add ons that are worth considering

Most states require all automobiles driving in their state to be covered by at least basic liability insurance. Arizona has the same requirement with the minimum to comply being 25/50/15. This protects other drivers and vehicles in an auto accident. All other coverage is optional unless you have a lease or a loan and then you may be required to carry collision and comprehensive. At Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ, we have years of insurance experience and we look forward to helping you with all your insurance needs. 

Collision coverage protects your car when you have an accident where you’re at fault. If you count on your car for regular daily activities this is important coverage to add to your basic policy. 

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from hazards beyond your control like a hail storm, flood, lightning, theft, fire, and vandalism. It is handy to have if you happen to run into a deer or other large animal. 

Full glass coverage is something most vehicle owners can benefit from. It covers the replacement of your windshield as well as other glass on your vehicle with no deductible. It is great when you have a damaged windshield to be able to call and get it repaired usually very quickly and even in your own driveway. 

Roadside assistance and towing are two add-ons usually sold together. If you have a breakdown or an accident you could be stuck on the roadside with no way to get to a service station or auto dealership. You may belong to an auto club and this provides the same service but usually at a lower rate. No one turns down savings. 

Contact Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ with any questions you have about auto insurance. We are a full-service independent agency. 

How much auto insurance do I need in Arizona?

The state of Arizona requires drivers to carry auto insurance every time they’re on the road. Your car should meet the set minimum requirements if your vehicle is involved in an accident. There are many considerations that insurance companies like Giles & Iten Insurance make to determine how much auto insurance one needs. The type of car, cost, age of the vehicle, level of experience, and mode of car purchase are some of the factors that determine what you will pay.

Arizona uses the fault-based system

The state of Arizona does things a bit differently, particularly when it comes to financial responsibility. This means that whoever is at fault in an accident is responsible for any damage or harm that will result from the accident, such as car damage, lost income, injuries, or property damage. If involved in an accident in Surprise, AZ, you can proceed to file a claim with their insurance company or a lawsuit in a civil court.

Liability insurance law is mandatory

The state requires drivers to have liability coverage that will cover for total bodily injury or death and property damage where the driver of the insured vehicle is at fault. In a case where one of your family members is driving your car, liability coverage can help pay medical bills for the injured member. However, keep in mind that liability coverage does not cover you in any way. If you are involved in an accident where you are at fault, you may need to purchase additional coverage for that.

Finally, it is crucial to note that there exist penalties for drivers without mandatory auto insurance. Therefore, carry proper auto insurance proof and show it to the relevant authorities when stopped or when involved in an accident. To learn how to protect yourself on the roads adequately with auto insurance, visit us at Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ today!

What Lifestyle Changes Can Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Lifestyle changes in the past year could affect your current auto insurance coverage. Changes like marriage, divorce, retirement, and achieving senior status can affect your auto insurance cost or coverage. By discussing lifestyle changes with your Giles & Iten Insurance agent in Surprise, AZ, you’ll have a better idea of what steps to take to maintain the auto insurance protection you need in Arizona and California. Here are a few lifestyle changes that could alter your insurance coverage.


After getting married, you may decide to add your new spouse to your auto insurance policy. A multiple-driver policy can save you money on your insurance costs. If marriage adds teen drivers to your household, you can add them to your policy as well. Having your teen drivers complete a driver’s safety course can reduce your insurance costs.


If you get divorced, you may need to take a spouse off of your auto insurance, which may alter your auto insurance costs. If you’re currently bundling home and auto, a divorce could change your policy altogether, which will affect your auto insurance costs. 


Retirement could lower your auto insurance costs as you’ll no longer be driving to and from work, reducing your risk of accidents. If you plan to travel extensively by car after retirement, however, i.e., taking vacation road trips, you may want to increase your coverage to ensure you have sufficient protection on the road. This, of course, will prompt an increase in your premium.

Senior Status

Seniors often qualify for auto insurance discounts, especially if they have good driving records. If you’ve achieved senior status, talk to your Giles & Iten agent about discounted rates on your policy.

For more information on how lifestyle changes affect your auto insurance, contact us at Giles & Iten Insurance in Surprise, AZ, today. 

Considering Auto Insurance When Buying a New Car

When looking for a new car do you consider the cost of auto insurance? Wise consumers do this, and you don’t even have to do any extra work to figure this out. Just call your agent at Giles & Iten Insurance serving Surprise, AZ, and the surrounding area. Ask the agent to give you a quote for the make, year, and models of the vehicles that you are thinking about buying.

Here are some reasons why this is such a good move on your part:

  • You will have a better idea of the total cost of owning the vehicle.
  • You will get adequate insurance coverage for your needs.
  • Your agent will be ready to issue a certificate of insurance immediately so you can drive the new car that you buy off the lot.

There are some bad things that can happen if you don’t get your auto insurance agent on board for a new car purchase that you are considering. One of them is getting stuck with having inadequate coverage and perhaps also paying too much for it.

In the excitement of buying a car, the salesperson who is finalizing the paperwork will ask you about auto insurance coverage. They cannot allow a car to drive off the lot without it. If you don’t tell them you already have an agent ready to issue it, they will offer insurance from possibly some company that you never heard of before. You may not have the time or even the interest in investigating anything about the insurance you are going to get.

The other potential problem is that the cost of auto insurance can be a very significant monthly expense for certain types of cars. This may mean that those models are considered a higher risk. They might be more frequently involved in accidents. They might be a model that thieves like to steal more often. For whatever reason, if the insurance premiums are higher for a car model that is similar to another car, you want to know why.

We work in Surprise, AZ, but we don’t like the clients of Giles & Iten Insurance to have any bad surprises when it comes to auto insurance. Give us a call at 623-201-8570 for a quote or use our online form and let us know the models of cars you are considering as a new car purchase.